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In an ever-changing world, companies must adapt to the changes that make society evolve and to the new generations that are coming to the world of work. New digital technologies are used on a daily basis by Millennials and more and more in work environment.

Human resources in particular must adapt to these new habits. The HCM Cloud/SaaS is an increasingly popular solution for companies that want to stay modern. But what are the advantages of using this type of software?

What is a HCM Cloud/SaaS?

SaaS (meaning Software as a Service) is a solution that allows companies to better manage their computer software. Hosted on an external server, this HCM Cloud is accessible at any time in desktop or mobile version. It helps HR managers to better manage their core processes such as payroll, training, talent management, skills assessment or recruitment

Thanks to the Cloud, HR specialists have access to the latest update of their data in real time. HR managers can therefore completely focus on their job since everything that is server or software is managed by the SaaS provider. The most known HCM Cloud on the market are Oracle HCM, SAP SuccessFactors, Workday, Talentsoft and Conerstone.

Within 5 years, 57% of companies in the market will have adopted a cloud software solution.


What are the benefits of using an HCM Cloud solution?

Using the cloud has a lot of benefits. It creates a new way of working that increases business efficiency and productivity. In addition to its profitability and the saving of time and money, the Cloud allows to :

  • Centralize information and data
  • Centralize tasks and simplify them
  • Involve employees
  • Be connected with other software platforms (interoperability)
  • Make tools accessible online

In addition, you no longer have to worry about upgrades, security and maintenance: everything is managed directly by the software vendor.
However, adoption difficulties appear in companies for this type of software, which can be too complicated for some users.

It can indeed have too many features, or not be very ergonomic. Users lack of time to get trained on digital tools that are more and more numerous. To solve this problem, there are digital tools that can assist the user to ease is adoption of the software.


Shortways, a user assistant to accelerate the adoption of an HCM Cloud solution

The Shortways solution is a digital assistant that is integrated directly into your Cloud HCM/SaaS softwareThe user has access to the information he needs when he needs it: news, practical help and step-by-steps tutorials. It is a real support for the end user with his HCM Cloud software.