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Cloud is everywhere. The adoption of cloud solutions is very important in order for the organization to become efficient! But the gap between the IT department and the rest of the company causes a wrong appropriation of this new technology.

According to a recent study from Oracle « Putting Cultural Transformation at the Heart of cloud Success », companies have to focus on two main points to make cloud a success:
– Synchronize IT budgets between the IT department and the rest of the company to define common goals.
– To build an internal digital culture

The slowing down of Cloud success: a lack of synchronization more than a technology

According to the study lead by Oracle, 1/3 of respondents consider that an inappropriate IT funding model is inhibiting their business. Moreover, 1/3 also believe their company’s IT culture is unfit for the cloud computing age.

Johan Doruiter, Senior Vice President of Systems, Oracle EMEA explain these results: “The issues companies face with their cloud resources are less to do with the technology itself and more to do with a lack of synchronization across lines of business. Decision-makers in each department are increasingly making cloud purchasing decisions without involving the CIO due to the ease of procurement. However, without one IT point-person to unify their cloud investment strategy companies will continue to struggle with individual departments tugging time and resource in opposing directions.”

IT department: leading deployment to success

For Oracle, the IT department must be an integral player in leading the business from its transitions to an enterprise cloud model. “CIOs must work more closely with line of business leaders to ensure IT is supporting innovation. They must serve as ’cloud navigator’, collaborating with each department to manage cloud procurement issues, cost and risk and ensuring that all lines of business are working towards a common cloud strategy. The CIO should also be the voice of change in the boardroom, calling on the CEO and CFO to mandate a unified approach to cloud across the business.”

And what about users?

Cloud computing is a real opportunity for companies to develop! But they need to have a well-defined strategy and a synchronization of their different services. Cloud power, beyond the fact that it simplifies technological aspects of deployment and computer maintenance, is Data. But, however, what is inevitable to take into account is the users who are at the heart of the data and of the use of cloud applications: change management, adoption etc…

The success of this technology’s deployment depends on company’s culture, IT department roles and the adoption by the users. They are the ones who add value to Cloud success.