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Since 2005, more and more cumputer and digital tools have appeared in our daily life. The use of smartphones, cloud development and the importance of social networks are now commonplace today. Despite a strong advance of French people in their private use, in business, they would be late. This computer problem poses a problem for the company, which can end up with a team that does not exploit all its performances. How to make your team more efficient while reducing your digital training costs?


What is the cost of computer incompetence?

In France, computer incompetence costs around 8.500€ a year per employee. This money represents the lost time in counter-productivity which is in payroll. This IT difficulty in entreprise software is not a question of age, all active generations are impacted. There are 3 reasons that would explain this delay:

  • Digital challenges traditional social organizations and involves a complete change in hierarchy, organization, management and usage.
  • There is a digital skills gap and companies are struggling to find the talent needed for this change.
  • The lack of involvement of company managers who do not take enough ownership of the issues and not enough leadership to train employees in this cultural revolution.

One of the solutions that companies can offer to overcome this problem is to train their employees.


Why is employees training so important?

Training employees bring many benefits such as:

  • Reduce the risks of maladjustment to changing techniques
  • That the team become and stay effective
  • Training to talents that the company needs.

But training employees can be very expansive for the company. Indeed, in addition to the payment of the training, the company has to take care of the ancillary costs which result from it, such as the expenses of transport, the lodging or the food. In addition, employees are less and less receptive to impersonal classrooms but are increasingly attracted by e-learning.


How can the Shortways solution help reduce the cost of training?

Shortways Digital Assistant is an innovative solution that integrates directly into your business software. Users can learn by themselves with our help tools that come with them when they need them. The employee gains in productivity, autonomy, can access to specific information or to steps by steps as many times as he/she wishes and can more easily appropriate his/her work software.


If you would like to discover what Shortways can do for you, do not hesitate to contact us at info@shortways.com or contact us via the forms on our website www.shortways.com