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The Millennials, or Generation Y (people born between 1980 and 1995) is the new generation coming to the labor market. Different from the Generation X (people born between 1960 and 1979), this new population is much more demanding and hedonist than its elders. Companies must therefore rethink to adapt to this generation which will represent 50% of the active workforce of companies in 2020. 


Who are those Millennials?

Generation Y is usually attached to “The Millennials” and the “Digital Natives”. Born to the digital age, it is the first generation to grow up with the Internet. It is a population that loves to consume, changes its mind regularly and who loves challenges in its professional life. It also appreciates big planetary causes and is sensitive to trends and to media representations. Millennials are sociable, are also looking for fun in business environments and want to be the best at what they do. 


How do they behave in professional environment?

This generation is comfortable with collaborative technologies, is looking for autonomy while being guided, needs independence while being valued and self-training in projects it leads. When the missions entrusted are no longer a driving force to remain the company, the employee will look for another business that will correspond more to its values and expectations. The Millennials are hedonists at work and need to feel good in their professional environment. Furthermore, if they are happy, they will invest much more in their work, will be more productive, less absent and will stay longer within the same company. 


Digital tools to retain Digital Natives?

Frivolous of digital tools, this generation can feel frustrated by the digital tools used by companies, especially large organizations. Indeed, these are not usually as developed as the technologies they can use daily out of their working time and this shift can demotivate the Millennials.
The Digital Native stays on average 3 years in a company (5 for Generation X and 7 for Baby Boomers). Keeping them loyal is therefore a crucial issue for companies and one more good reason to digitalize. 


Shortways value proposition for Millennials?

Shortways is a digital assistant which trains and supports users directly in their business software. Our solution answers to their expectations of modernizing business tools and will support them in their self-training and self-help procedures. This allows them to be autonomous and guided when they need it. It is also an interactive tool that help reducing costs, training time and the number of calls to the helpdesk. 



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