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Back to our 2018 year!

Shortways and its team wish you a happy new year and wish you all the best for this new year 2019! To have a good start, we offer you a Shortways recap of the year that has just passed! To begin, here is a recap of our 2018's achievements! A...

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Shortways Assistant: new version

Relooking of our Digital Assistant! At Shortways, this end of year is marked by the launch of Shortways Assistant's new version. Following the request of our customers, Shortways Assistant has been modernized with the adoption of a new user interface to better meet...

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Should we rethink the Annual Employee Performances Review?

The Annual Employee Performance Review has been developing itself in a large number of companies since the 1980s. It aims to take stock of the employee’s past year activity, to understand his/her difficulties and to set with him/her specific goals, the means...

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Why adopt a HCM software in the cloud?

In an ever-changing world, companies must adapt to the changes that make society evolve and to the new generations that are coming to the world of work. New digital technologies are used on a daily basis by Millennials and more and more in work environment. Human...

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Digital training : how to reduce your costs ?

Since 2005, more and more cumputer and digital tools have appeared in our daily life. The use of smartphones, cloud development and the importance of social networks are now commonplace today. Despite a strong advance of French people in their private use, in...

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Digital in businesses, essential for the Millennials ?

The Millennials, or Generation Y (people born between 1980 and 1995) is the new generation coming to the labor market. Different from the Generation X (people born between 1960 and 1979), this new population is much more demanding and hedonist than its elders....

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Shortways celebrates its 7th anniversary with a Team Building

Here we are Shortways is 7 years old! It's was the time for us to share a moment of conviviality, actually like every day @shortways.  😉 On the agenda of this day, the team had first a business review, sharing thoughts on our customers, the market, product features...

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