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Support the deployment of the Supplier Portal and empower users

Shortways has been an adhesion accelerator for our various population of suppliers on this Portal. By contributing of the suppliers’ empowerment, Shortways allowed the Suppliers Relations department to halve its incoming e-mail flow.

Emmeline Aliaoui

Digital Project Manager / Finance Department, Orange


Context & Stakes

Support and empower suppliers, and have targeted communication.

Support and empower suppliers by a targeted communication

In 2019, Orange decided to continue its digitalization right down to its suppliers, by initiating the deployment of the Supplier Portal, standard functionality of its ERP Oracle Fusion.

The goal: to allow members to access their dedicated and secure space in which they can consult in complete autonomy and in real time the detail of their orders and receipts made, integrated invoices and associated payments.

Orange wants to propose a qualitative course for its suppliers on Oracle.

The project has 3 stakes:

  • To support suppliers in the handling of the new platform
  • Train Admin and non Admin users in a digital way and in complete autonomy
  • Apply a targeted communication and analyze its impact


Integration of the Shortways Assistant and continuous enrichment of aid content

Support of the 2 944 suppliers who are connected to the Portal every day

Since the path taken by users can be complicated, Orange chose to integrate the Shortways Assistant into the Supplier Portal as a unique solution for training and supporting of suppliers in their processes.

After a phase of reflection on the type of assistance to use according to their goals, the Orange Team quickly took control of the solution in order to create content:

  • Contextual help and information bubbles, to indicate where to access the information, recall the CGU, or the change of the head office
  • Step by step instructions integrated directly into  the screen to guide step by step, for exemple to create a user
  • The reporting functionality to track and analyze the impact of published contents and the Portal’s membership


  • Empowerment and adhesion of users
  • Relief of the support load
  • More efficient communication

Empowerment of suppliers, improved support and communication efficiency

 Empowerment of suppliers and acceleration of membership process:

  • In 2 years, the number of incoming emails to the Supplier Relations department has been halved (from 8000 to 4000)
  • While the number of digitalized suppliers has increased tenfold (from 280 to 2944)

The support load has therefore been significantly reduced.

The communication has been improved thanks to the targeting of Shortways aids, so as not to pollute  the unconcerned users.

Evolution and continuous improvement of the solution:

« This quick evolution was possible thanks to Shortways’ features, which allowed us to be in a continuous improvement dynamic », concludes Emmeline Aliaoui.

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