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Support and empower buyers on Ivalua

Shortways is a user-friendly tool that allows us to provide quick, direct and immediate help to our internal and external users.

Lucica Mitu

MOA Sourcing, Orange


Context & Stakes

Empower users and relieve the support load

Empower and support buyers, and relieve the user support load

Orange, it’s more than 142 000 employees and more than 259 million customers deployed in 26 countries. It’s also more than 1100 calls for tender for 300 buyers (1 to 10 call for tender per year and per buyer).

We can easily understand that it is almost  impossible for Orange to provide 24/7 support to its users.

Orange wants to propose a customer path as qualitative internally as externally on Ivalua .

The project presents 3 stakes:

  • Harmonize the process of creating and managing calls for tenders
  • Empower and support buyers and suppliers
  • Relieve the load of users support team


Integration of the Shortways assistant on the ERP Source to Contract to support users

Support the 300 buyers on Ivalua

As the purchasing processes can be complicated, Orange chose to integrate the Shortways Assistant into Ivalua as a unique training and support solution for buyers on their processes.

Thanks to the partnership between Orange and the Customer Success Shortways team, the help content was customized closer to their needs:

  • Contextual helps in French and in English, related to business instructions
  • Notification bubbles, for example to remind users of the change of address of the head office
  • Interactive step by steps, especially to create and source event without going through content
  • Usage statistics to continuously adjust the content and measure the use of the tool


  • Improvement of the collaborator experience on the software
  • Support of users 24/7
  • Relief of the support load

Improvement of the support and the user experience, relief of the support load

The solution has considerably improved the collaborators experience by supporting them, thus relieving the support load.

The Shortways solution cover the needs of help for occasional users but also for seasonal users.

The exploitation of usage statistics has made it possible to evaluate the use of the assistant, to make the assistance live and evolve.

With 20 000 Shortways interactions per month, Orange was able to see that 70% of its user population did not deactivate the step-by-step and did have a need for support.

«  Shortways is a user-friendly tool that allows us to provide quick, direct and immediate help to our internal and external users », concludes Lucica Mitu.

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