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Support the deployment of Oracle ERP Cloud and empower users

Shortways contributed to train users during the deployment of the ERP thanks to messages directly integrated into the ERP. And today, we can help new users get to grips with the tool.

Magali Thomas

Senior Solutions Consultant, Orange


Context & Stakes

Empowered users through contextualized communication and training

Empower users through communication and contextual training

In 2017, Orange has deployed the new ERP Oracle Fusion, impacting business units, the purchasing department and the financial department .

During the deployment phase, it was necessary to support more than 9 000 users who could not be trained in person.

Today, over the course of its use, Orange would like to set up effective communication to empower users.

The project therefore presents 3 stakes:

  • Adressing a variety of users and contextualizing messages according to profiles
  • Inserting the plateform in a complex ecosystem in addition to other digital tools
  • Supporting and training users on an ongoing basis to make them autonomous


Integration of the Shortways Assistant to the ERP and the continuous enrichment of aid content

Support 9 000 users and 15 000 suppliers

Since the purchasing processes are as varied as the user populations that come to enter them, Orange chose to integrate Shortways Assistant for a reactive and contextualized communication according to the user’s profile. Orange then enriched the functionalities over time.

To do this, Orange used almost all functionalities of the Shortways tool:

  • Interactive Step by Steps as mini operating modes to support  new usage or to remind users of operations
  • Contextual helps in French and in English, related to business instructions
  • Contextual FAQs, to integrate business documentation directly into the ERP
  • Or notification bubbles as an information relay to catch up potential collaborators who may not have seen the information through a more traditionnal channel, for example when changing head office or quarterly upgrades


  • Stabilization of the volumetry since 2017
  • Relief of the support load
  • Support the daily activity

Support daily activity and relieve the support load

Since 2017, Shortways has improved daily support, training and communication systems.

As a result, various user populations on Oracle have been empowered in their purchase request entries (240 000 per year).

The enhancement of the assistant’s functionalities has also led to relieve the support load and the stabilization of  the volumetry.

« Shortways made it possible to train users during the deployment of the ERP thanks to messages directly integrated into the ERP. And today, we can help new users get to grips wih the tool. », concludes Magali Thomas.

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