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Use informal learning to train users on your business apps

Users react and learn better in front of their screen


of formal learning is forgotten after one month


Employees spend only 1% of their time on their own training


of training budgets are dedicated to informal training

Just-In-Time Learning

Enhanced user experience

Immediate performance

Informal learning: Train users directly in their business applications

The 70:20:10 model reveals that hands-on experience (70%) is the most beneficial for employees because it enables them to discover and refine their job-related skills; 70% of users knowledge comes from job-related experience. Employees learn mostly when they are on-the-job, that is to say in front of their screen.

This is why the Shortways Just-In-Time Virtual Assistant is invaluable. The Assistant is embedded in business applications (CRM, ERP, HCM, etc.) and provides just-in-time learning content. Employees are one click away from relevant, contextualized learning content: business procedures, PowerPoint slides, images, textual definitions. Any type of element can be attached to any screen title or label. The Shortways Virtual Assistant trains and informs employees when they need it.

Why wait to make your employees more efficient and autonomous?

Make users more autonomous and efficient

Continuous learning

Maintain knowledge over time


White Paper – Digital Adoption new generation

With the multiplication of user profiles, the faster evolution of applications, the new needs of today’s learners, and new ways of working, a question arises:

How to support users on their digital tools?

In this white paper, we will look at the acceleration of the digital transformation, the new challenges to be met, and give you the keys to a successful adoption of digital tools thanks to an innovative solution: the digital adoption platform.