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Securing the deployment of centralized group HRIS: SAP SuccessFactors

The Shortways platform has helped us a lot in supporting change. We have continuously improved the information provided to users upon arrival, with the development of documentation explaining the processes to be followed in great detail.

RUN HRIS Director, Large company in the Retail sector


Context & Stakes

Implementation of the first centralized group HRIS

Secure the deployment of SAP SuccessFactors

In 2017, this large company launched the implementation of its first centralized global group HRIS, SAP SuccessFactors.

The 20,000 users around the world, outside the USA and Canada, must be supported to ensure the success of this project.

The profiles targeted are store managers and HR in the countries.

The project therefore presents 2 stakes:

  • Drive change and facilitate the handling of the new tool
  • Ensure this deployment on a global perimeter


Integrating the Shortways Assistant into SAP SuccessFactors

Integrated support in the new SAP SuccessFactors tool for the 20,000 users in 3 waves

Shortways Assistant is integrated into SAP SuccessFactors on the Core HR (EC), Performance & Goals, Recruitment, Onboarding and Reporting modules.

The deployment for the 20,000 users is done in 3 waves.

Help content is implemented as step-by-step and contextual FAQs in 16 languages, in order to adapt to targeted user profiles.


  • Secured deployment
  • Digitized training
  • Digitized user assistance

Secured deployment and digitization of user training and support

The Shortways Assistant made it possible to secure the deployment of the new SAP SuccessFactors HRIS tool, by accompanying users in their handling.

Thanks to its targeted display of content according to the profile and language of the users, user training has been digitized, to facilitate the handling in this international context.

As the new tool required more action, notably by country HR, online help helped facilitate the adoption of these changes. Also, this sector being subject to a strong turn-over, it has accelerated the onboarding of new arrivals in stores after deployment.

User support has also been digitalized. By providing answers to their questions directly from the screens of their tool, users were empowered. For example, store advisors do not have their own professional computer station. They have little time to devote to the computers at their disposal, and therefore need to be quickly unblocked when they have to perform a process.