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Your HCM Project

Make employees more autonomous on their self service tasks

Your employees need to be more autonomous in the use of their HCM application and in their self-service tasks.

Support managers in their HCM usage

Provide effective support to managers on HR administration tasks. Make them more efficient on complex processes in order to manage their staff better.

Secure your HR back office

Improve the performance of your HCM back office for HR specialists.


Train all the users in your organization


Secure the deployment of your cloud-based HRMS application


Make your application accessible for all

Shortways: a primary level of support to increase HCM user performance

The Shortways Digital Assistant improves and helps sustain HRMS (Human Resources Management System, such as Oracle HCM Cloud, SAP HR or Workday) adoption by all employees whatever their profile.

By integrating context-sensitive information directly in your business application, our solution trains, informs and supports users in the use of your HCM (Human Capital Management) application. The Shortways Virtual Assistant can embed all kinds of content: business procedures, textual definitions, business rules, microlearning, PowerPoint slides, images, etc.

Employees are more autonomous in their self-service tasks since they can call up relevant information where and when they need it! Managers are more efficient on complex processes and administration tasks. HR specialists can easily secure the back-office by quickly mastering your cloud-based application.

The Shortways Virtual Assistant plays an important role on these three types of employees. It addresses different needs and makes your deployment project a success!

What are you waiting for?


White Paper – HRIS Adoption in Organizations

The arrival of Human Resources Information Sysems (HRIS) in recent years has radically changed the human resources (HR) landscape in organizations.
Today’s prime HR challenges are digital transformation of the HR function and enhancement of the employee experience.

One question immedialty comes to mind: do employees willingly adopt these systems.

This White Paper is for you, HRIS et HR professionals, that are questionning about it.