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Replace a non-optimal HRIS tool to facilitate data management

The Shortways assistant is an intuitive and easy to handle tool. Moreover, the Shortways team is available, and we have been well guided.

Christelle Régibier

Project Owner, Groupama Assurances Mutuelles


Context and Stakes

Replace a non-optimal HRIS tool to facilitate data management

Replace a non-optimal HRIS tool to facilitate data management.

Groupama is a French insurance company.

It represents:

  • 26 national entities
  • 25.000 collaborators
  • 12 million members and customers

The tool on which Groupama carried out annual interviews was aging, and the data enrichment was manual. On top of that, their entire HRIS environment was partitioned, none of their tool was communicating.

Groupama therefore decided to replace this tool with Cegid Talentsoft and streamline the HRIS, while deploying new processes that were not existing in the company (for example: Career and Skills Management).

The project presents 3 stakes: 

  • Implement a new HRIS solution to facilitate the management of employee data

  • Match the user’s digital behaviours
  • Guide collaborators in using and handling the new tool



Integrating Shortways Assistant in Cegid Talentsoft

Integrating Shortways Assistant in Cegid Talentsoft.

Groupama was facing the necessity to update its HRIS software and the process with it.

Groupama notably used these features:

Interactive and adapted step-by-step guides to guide current agents and newcomers through the screens, while personalizing the interfaces to adapt the content and aids according to the entities and roles (employees or managers).

The FAQ to answer users’ most frequently asked questions and facilitate new tools set up (ex: how to archive a goal in the ongoing conversation, create collective goals, …).

Notifications to highlight a field at the initiative of the administrator, for example to guarantee the validation of a form, or warn about a problem.

Contextual help to bring the information to the user, for example to remind interviews validation steps next to the corresponding field and the associated colours

The reporting to analyse software use and enrich help content


  • Facilitated user support
  • Improved employee empowerment
  • Faster software problem management

Secure handling, employee empowerment and improved support management.

Thanks to the step-by-step guides, Groupama was able to ensure the handling of the Cegid Talentsoft tool and empower its users by directly integrating numerous answers to their questions through the FAQ.

Shortways’ dashboards and data analytics platform allowed Groupama to be reactive while adjusting help at any moment.

Thus, Groupama has been able to observe a drop in dissatisfaction with its HRIS application thanks to this playful and modern support solution.

« We have between 500 and 600 questions and answers today in the Shortways FAQ, that allows us to offer answers that are always up to date and constantly supplemented. »,

concludes Nicolas Chambron, HRIS Manager at Groupama Assurances Mutuelles.

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