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Shortways Digital Assistant

Embed relevant learning content in your business application


What is the Shortways Digital Assistant?

The Shortways Digital Assistant provides learning content embedded with business applications (CRM, ERP, HCM, etc.). The Shortways’ Solution is compatible with a wide range of products from leading software publishers, including Oracle, Microsoft and SalesForce.

By embedding the Shortways’ Solution directly in your business application, employees are one click away from relevant, contextualized learning content: PowerPoint, business rules, images, microlearning, textual definitions. Any type of element can be attached to any screen title or label.

The Shortways Just-In-Time Learning Virtual Assistant brings many customer benefits:

  • Enhanced user experience on business applications (CRM, ERP, HCM)
  • Faster user adoption of business applications
  • User support workload reduced by 15%
  • -60% savings on training costs
  • Better return on IT investments

Features of the Shortways’ Solution

  • Context sensitive help: Provide in one click business procedure or insight relating to what is showing on your screen when user are interacting with the processes in their application
  • Step-by-Step Guidance: Guide users interactively in the business application. Learn more
  • Shortways Designer : Create, edit and manage all of your step-by-step, contextual help and news. And, directly from the application. Learn more
  • News distribution: Receive the latest business and apps information when connecting in your application, no longer by email (news, instructions, commercial offers, deadlines…)
  • Reporting: View statistics & reporting on the items the most sought and consulted by users, and detect issues that justify a user action plan.
  • Non instruvise help: The Shortways Virtual Assistant requires no modification of your applications and integrates with them transparently. It performs its searches in real time.
  • FAQ system : I’m able to answer my questions alone, directly in my app.

Discover Shortways Features as a User

Shortways Designer

Create your own training content


Contextual Help

Some help in one click


Guide users interactively in the business application

Push News

Fresh news in the business application

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saving on training costs

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