Improve user adoption on business application

Improve your business application adoption by providing users the right information, at the right time! 

Users only react when they are in front of their business applications (CRM, ERP, …) and learn by doing (70% of users knowledge comes from job-related experiences). So, do you know how to make your employees more efficient?

The Shortways Virtual Assistant now embeds Sharepoint Online Content directly in your business applications (ERP, CRM…).

Your collaborators have now got access to training content (procedures, business rules, powerpoint, microlearning….) and these appear directly in their business application, when they need it!

There is now no more need for them so search for information everywhere: in the intranet (sharepoint), in the social network (yammer), in only one click, the user has access to all these information, directly in his business application!

What are you waiting for to make your employees more autonomous and efficient at work? 

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