Accelerate adoption and increase user acceptance

Cloud and SaaS are changing the business applications landscape. The cloud accelerates business software projects. But it is essential that employees located all around the world very quickly become efficient in their use of their cloud-based application. Train them and make them more efficient now!

Guarantee the return on investment

A new information system involves much more than just installing it. All business processes must be standardized across your entire organization to better control your activity. But how can you be sure that applications will be used properly? How can you be sure of a good return on investment?


Ensure ROI by respecting processes


Standardize business processes in your organization


Address your ERP to all types of profiles and needs

Secure the appropriation of your ERP with the Shortways Virtual Assistant

The Shortways Virtual Assistant informs users contextually, directly in the ERP system (SAP S/4 Hana, Oracle ERP, etc.) giving them access to continuous learning : business procedures, microlearning, PowerPoint slides, images, textual definitions, etc. Shortways can embed any kind of training content in your ERP.

The Shortways Virtual Assistant drives the acceptance of your ERP business application by all users regardless of their profiles and particular needs.

It secures the deployment and usage of your ERP applications. Users appropriate their business environment better and become more efficient and autonomous.

Discover how the Shortways Solution works in your ERP Cloud

Make users more autonomous and efficient

Industrialize training and support

Maintain knowledge over time


White Paper – Digital Transformation

Digital transformation today impacts every facet of business enterprise, and most importantly customer relationship management.
All these changes obviously impact employees who must adapt to new cultures, new organizations, new processes and, what interests us in this White Paper, new tools that they must imperatively appropriate.

Digital strategies are clearly overlooking the needs of employees, the end-users of digital tools, despite the obvious fact that they a key to successful digital transformation! Digital is not just about technologies; it is above all about people!

In this White Paper, we look at the challenge of supporting the end-users of new digital tools and business applications (CRM, ERP, HRIS, EPM, etc.). Organizations must look beyond the purely technological issues and adapt to the preferred working and learning methods of their personnel in order to give real sense to digital tools.

White Paper – Informal Learning

‘Digital’ is now omnipresent in our lives. It presents a wonderful opportunity to reinvent corporate training systems. Digital innovation obviously implies new IT projects that are structuring for enterprises. The success of these business applications depends on their willing acceptance by end-users. That’€™s why training is essential, for it ensures that users become more efficient and rapid in their daily work without increasing their level of stress.

In this white paper we look at the reinvention of training systems for computer applications. We pay particular attention to so-called informal learning.

This document will be of particular interest not only to training and change management managers but also to people in charge of computer applications who would like to make their end-users more autonomous and enhance their performance and well-being.

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